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Products we Manufacture

Each tube cutter that we manufacture includes the following:

  • Square weldment base with safety interlocked guarding, the machine will shut down if the guard is open and will not operate.

  • The tubing is clamped while it is being cut.  By clamping the tube we eliminate tube whip  and the tubing rotating while the cut is being made. clamped while the cutters rotate around the tube

  • Manuals (hard copy and pdf)

  • Ethernet capabilities

  • Tooling for one (1) diameter

Hitch Feed Units- can accept tubing from either straight lengths or coil and are operated by servo driven ball screws.  The largest unit can handle up to 6" OD tubing

We also offer our original pneumatic operated machines, if requested.

Flying Cut off Units -  will cut tubing 'on the fly' from a tube mill.  The largest unit can handle up to 6" diameter tubing.  

Plate-up Units -  can replace an existing rotary tube cut mechanism or abrasive saw with a rotary cut.   The largest unit can handle up to 6" diameter tubing.  

Trim Cut Units are hand fed to cut lower production runs, or to trim the ends off.  The largest unit can handle up to 4." diameter tubing.  For smaller diameters, under 1/2".  A single plane straightener can be added to help straighten coiled tubing.

Cutter Blades 1", 1.250", 1.375" and 2.0" diameters with inclusive angles of 15°, 20°, 30° and 40° all in stock.

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