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Provided Services


We can rebuild Bertolette and J&B model tube cutters.  The rebuild process allows for a newer working machine at a portion of the cost of purchasing new.


The following are ways in which a rebuild can be acheived:

Cleaning and replacing worn or broken components.

Update electrics and/or remove push buttons and install and program a PLC.

In some cases, safety interlocked guarding can be added.

The machine will need to be shipped to J&B, where we will charge a baseline fee to hook up electric and air and run the machines to determine what needs to be done.  We will then submit a repair list for approval.


J&B offers training on new tube cutters when purchased from J&B either at our facility or yours included in the price of the machine.

If you have an existing machine we can visit your facility to train new operators, or retrain on a machine that may be put back into production.  

Service Calls:

If you have a machine that is not performing correctly, or is simply not working, you can call and we can either help you over the phone or visit your facility to get the machine up and running.  If any parts are needed, they will be billed and shipped separately from the visit.

For more information or to request a quotation

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